Piranha 3D


I finally saw ‘Piranha 3D’ (well, 2D) last night, and have to say, it was more or less what I expected it would be. This gore-filled film is not to be viewed whilst eating, that’s for sure. However, I was interested in seeing it due to Vanessa off my fave, Gossip Girl, being in it (Jessica Szohr plays a girl called Kelly), and an appearance by model Kelly Brook. The story is that it is Spring Break, and thousands of teenagers flock to Arizona to spend a week partying away by the sea, and local Jake is less than happy about being lumbered with babysitting his younger siblings. So instead of fulfilling this duty, he leaves his siblings to entertain themselves for the day, whilst he goes off with a porn film director promising big bucks for inside knowledge on the area hotspots. They proceed to spend a day on the boat with the models being filmed erm, exploring each other…! The consequence of this alcohol- soaked boat trip is the killing of most characters by these flesh-eating fish in the most sickening ways possible, and seeing one girl quite literally chopped in half! :O To be honest, it was predictable as you can imagine, with the ending leaving the door open for a sequel; expect to see Piranha 2 in cinemas next summer!
Star rating: 2.5/5
Verdict: not one for the squeamish…

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