‘The Saturdays’ Live At The Bournemouth BIC


I spent the evening yesterday at my first ever ‘The Saturdays’ concert (at the BIC in Bournemouth). A fairly small venue, I was surprised by how good my seats were, and I had a good view of the stage. The girls had 2 fairly unknown support acts; new ‘All Time Low’/ ‘McFly’ wannabes, Twenty Twenty, and dance- based group Six D, who revealed that they have just filmed their first ever music video in LA. Both succeeded in warming the crows up, with the boys garnering the most cheers from the crowd! However, Rochelle, Frankie, Una, Mollie and Vanessa didn’t let our side down, and did a fab hour and a half long performance of their hits to date. There was a surprise addition to their set list, with a short Rihanna tribute medley (they sang a mixture of ‘Love The Way You Lie’, ‘What’s My Name?’ and ‘Only Girl In The World’), which got the crowd on their feet! My favourite songs were ‘Higher’, ‘Karma’, ‘One Shot’ and ‘Puppet’ (where the girls struggled to untie themselves from various ropes onstage in their dance routine!). Vanessa continued her ritual of taking a picture of the audience each night, so that people can tag themselves in it on Facebook. The girls had several costume changes, and wore outfits varying from matching colourful fringed dresses, bodycon dresses, leather jackets, hotpants and so on- they had an amazing stylist! One of their best looks was Vanessa’s pink leather jacket and matching headband- Vanessa, when you’re done with them, you know where to bring them to? 😉 They chatted onstage between songs about their upcoming December tour, their latest single (which they performed), and Vanessa’s need to jive 🙂 I’m going to give them 4/5 live, their vocals were very strong and they managed to keep up with some pretty complicated dance routines!

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