Chezza Goes Blonde (And Short)


The shorter high-lighted bob she sported in GA's early days

It’s been a few months since Chezza changed her hair colour, but when she visited the American Embassy this morning, she showed off her new choppy blonde bob (which has been compared to Jennifer Aniston’s new cropped ‘do).

Despite being papped, the pictures have not been sold as of yet to the press- the rumoured cost of each snap is over $10,000.

She wore a t-shirt, black leather jacket, sunglasses and long nails. Witnesses say she had a gaunt face, which is probably due to recent stress.

Has she gone for an auburn coloured 'do, like this?

A reporter said: “Cheryl’s hair is honey, not bright blonde, slightly feathered at the ends & just above shoulder. Maybe it’s for Ashley? He likes blondes 😦 Lots more Cheryl hair questions. So to answer- she looks great. She’s smiling & looks fresher and more natural that she has done in ages.”

I can’t wait to see the pictures, I’m thinking she’s turned ‘dirty blonde’.

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