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Miley’s Equal Love


Yesterday Miley Cyrus posted an image of a newly-inked hand, with the caption “All LOVE is equal”, on her Twitter. It is dedicated to gay men and lesbian women, to show that she wants equal rights for all, and that she approves of any gay marriage.

I’m beginning to lose track of how many tats she has…this is the second on her hand alone, (she has a little heart on her little finger too).

She’s got even more love in her life than usual at the moment with boyfriend Liam, and a new addition in the form of her recently purchased puppy named ‘Floyd’. Her new BFF Erin Lucas has a husky puppy too, and she calls herself the dog’s ‘Auntie’.

Do you like Miley’s tat, or think it’s just stupid? I bet it only took 2 minutes to get inked.

Pups Willow & Floyd

Alexa’s Glum, Her And Alex Are Done


It has been confirmed that former ‘T4’ presenter Alexa Chung has split from ‘The Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner. Alexa’s spokesperson said: “Sadly Alexa and Alex have split, although they remain close,” but refused to cite the reason for the decline in their relationship.

The public envision that his band’s current world tour has put a tremendous amount of stress on relations between the two, with Alexa being unable to join him for many dates due to work commitments in the US.

Alexa has left their apartment in the trendy district of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, but will have to remain in the city if she wants to continue with her presenting career. “Alexa has moved all her stuff out and is concentrating on getting her American TV career back on track. Alex has gigs in America next month, but none of them are on the East Coast. Then he is planning a UK tour. They are very busy and have grown apart, but want to keep the news quiet.”

It’s been a tough few years behind the scenes for Alexa, who’s MTV show ‘It’s On With Alexa’. was cancelled back in 2009 after just 2 seasons. Let’s hope she can land some more work in fashion TV so that she can continue her love affair with Mulberry bags.

Cher’s 18th Celebrations


Cher Lloyd celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday at a recording studio in London, where she participated in a U-Stream Q&A session, and played snippets of each of the songs off her upcoming debut album.

She ditched her usual chav style for an all-black ensemble, (including a pair of what one can only assume is a birthday gift, sky-high Louboutin bootie heels). I’m liking the style transformation, much more chic!

She thanked her fans and celebrity pals alike on Twitter after receiving hundreds of messages: “Thank you all so much for the birthday messages! Big love! Xxxxxx”

Gwyneth’s A Cheeky Girl


You’d think that her having been his main inspiration throughout his musical career would mean ‘Coldplay’ frontman Chris Martin would allow his wife to listen to his finished material first.

But 38-year-old ‘Glee’ and ‘Country Strong’ actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote a tongue-in-cheek joke on her Twitter page today about her husband’s strict rule. He has refused to let her listen to the band’s next studio album before its general release, even though they’ve been married for 8 years!

Chris previously wrote a song for Gwyneth titled ‘Fix You’, which was dedicated to Gwyneth’s deceased father, who was struggling to cope with his death at the time.

The cheeky actress posted on Twitter: “Who do I have to bang to get an advance copy of the new @coldplay album? I mean, really.”

The ‘funeral’ sounding band will release their next album this autumn.

Million Dollar Baby


Just a year after giving birth to her first child, Ethan, Dannii Minogue lived up to the name of the benefit she attended yesterday, the ‘Million Dollar Lunch’. The event was held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, where Dannii has spent the last week as an ambassador of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

She proved her fashion credentials by doing a bit of harmless self-promotion by wearing the metallic ‘Tease’ dress from the S/S 12 ‘Project D’ line, as well as a Tabitha clutch (which was designed by her best friend, natch).

Kim Sets A Wedding Date


Some sneaky friend of Kim Kardashian (something tells me a certain guest is about to be un-invited) has leaked a picture of her fancy wedding invites online.

The classy font is printed on classic white paper, and confirms several rumours that the event will take place on Saturday the 20th of August, (less than 3 weeks away!) The wedding will take place in Montecito, California.

The couple are addressed formally by their full names on the invite: “Kris and Bruce Jenner request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter/ Kimberly Kardashian / To Kristopher Humphries.”

I predict that the dress shall be strapless, tight on the arse, and she will be wearing about $10 million worth of bling. Where’s my invite?!

‘The Inbetweeners’ Movie Poster & Trailer


With less than three weeks until the national release of the highly anticipated ‘The Inbetweeners’ movie, film producers have managed to whet our appetite by releasing the official movie poster image, as well as a two-minute trailer.

The film is about Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil’s (Blake Harrison) holiday to Crete after finishing Sixth Form. Actor Blake Harrison has hinted that there could be another installment to follow, providing that it does well with the Box Office.

“It’s way too early to tell wherever anything’s going to go,” he said. “At the moment things seem to be quite well wrapped up, but you can never say never, so whether we’ll be back for anything else in the future we just don’t know.”

The Inbetweeners Movie is released in the UK on August 17- I can’t wait!

Vanessa’s Dirty Habit & Pap Attack


It’s not a good habit to have let’s be honest, and it seems that Vanessa Hudgens is trying to create herself a ‘badass’ image in Hollywood by taking up the fags.

She’s spent the last few months filming ‘Gimme Shelter’, for which she has had to cut off the majority of her hair.

She was smoking in her car with a pal when a pap managed to get some shots of her, causing her to chase the photographer down the street, and to demand to see the film.

“Vanessa, get out of my car!” the photographer yelled, and she responded by attempting to take the camera off of him. You can hear her say in the video: “He’s about to run over a man, I hope you’re filming this you asshole.”

Engaged Kristin Cavallari Dumped


She was known on ‘The Hills’ as the girl who was not able to commit in relationships, and when she announced her boyfriend Jay’s proposal in Mexico back in April, her friends thought she’d settled down for good.

But earlier this week boyfriend Jay Cutler dumped the reality star just weeks ahead of their wedding. She had taken part in a wedding-themed ‘Life & Style’ spread just 2 days before he delivered the news.

She was described as “bubbling with excitement”, and spoke on the day about her bridesmaids and her strapless style dress; “I want a romantic, mystical wedding with lots of flowers.”

You’d think that he could have broken the news to her before their engagement party last weekend, where they celebrated with friends in Miami. The supposed reason for the break-up is that Kristin refused to fly to Chicago to see Jay for a day or two, and Jay told her she needed to commit to him and to move to Chicago.

He seemed to resent her having a career in entertainment, and was unhappy about her associating with the press. Their was also immense pressure on Kristin to get pregnant straight after their wedding, despite her protests.

Nicky Hilton consoled her ringless friend with a good old night out at ‘The Beverly’ last night. Some of her friends say that Jay was extremely controlling during the relationship: “He made her choose between him and being friends with a lot of her girlfriends.”

Katy Sparkles At ‘Smurfs’ Premiere


Katy Perry showed all her fellow castmates up at the NYC premiere of the Smurf’s movie last night, where she dazzled in front of the crowd by wearing a white crystal-covered dress featuring her character, ‘Smurfette’.

Her new bright blonde hair had been coiffed to perfection, and her eyes glittered with blue liner.

Once she gets a theme, she goes with it; she wore a ‘Smurf’ character on each of her nails at the event.

It seems she might have had a few too many blue Smarties on her way there though, tweeting excitedly: “Headed to SMURF VILLAGE for the premiere of The Smurfs!!! I’m SMURFETTE!!! I’m blue… aba de aba die aba de aba di aba de aba di! YAY!”

An unexpected addition to the cast is Glee’s hygiene-freak ‘Emma’ (Jayma Mays), who wore a gorgeous emerald coloured satin dress.

The perfect Smurf themed nails