Katy Works A Snuggie


In a new backstage video from the ‘California Dreams‘ tour, Katy Perry can be seen ‘werking’ a Snuggie! Well I suppose even pop stars need to be comfy! I am surprised it’s not a hot pink onesie though.

She took a break from her usual sequined attire whilst relaxing after a show, where one of her costumes includes an ice cream cone-shaped headpiece, which she asks sarcastically whether it’s “too much”.

In the video below you get to see those in charge of her extensive wardrobe, who spend hours sewing sequins and gluing crystals onto each item of clothing.

"Who are you calling a cone head?!"

She’s seen rehearsing onstage bare-faced in sportswear with two new dancers, and jokes with crew members back stage by saying: “If you don’t like kittens or cotton candy, get the f**k out!”

One slight wardrobe error on her part is what she calls her “Hugh Hefner outfit”, a grey and red old man style robe.

My favourite outfit from this video is the rotating cake-shaped dress which is adorned with her name, and Barbie dolls!

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