Cheryl’s New Afghan Man


Cheryl Cole‘s love life is on the up following her ‘Pride of Britain Awards‘ sponsored trip to Afghanistan last week. She got friendly with Royal Marine Andy ‘Bagsy’ Baker during her visit to Camp Bastion, and took his number.

She told ‘The Mirror‘: “I think I am going to call him this week and we’ll see what happens. I’m sure he’s not expecting me to ring but that’s why it’ll be funny – and that’s why I’m going to do it.”

The only slight ‘fly in the ointment’ for ‘Bagsy‘ is that she’ll be unable to contact him for the next few days whilst he’s still serving.

His relative Graham Peck said: “When Bagsy read that Cheryl was planning on ringing her mystery soldier, he panicked because he’s not allowed to have his phone on for another nine days – it’s military rules. He wants her to know that he’ll be in touch the moment he lands, and wants her to wait for him. Andy’s a great guy and keeps himself fit in the gym.”

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