Farmer Bans Rihanna’s Raunchy Video Shoot


When 61-year-old farmer Alan Graham gave Rihanna and her team permission to film part of her new music video on his land, he got a little more than he’d originally bargained for.

He was more than a little taken aback when she stripped off for the shoot, and even warned her that she should “find a greater God“, before asking her to leave.

She decided to film ‘We Found Love‘ in Northern Ireland this week, and she’s due to perform three gigs at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena this weekend.

One fan criticised her current weight on Twitter: “@rihanna looks fat in the ‘We Found Love‘ pics.” Rihanna hastily replied, “I peeped that too *puts down donut.*”

She did have something to celebrating though, as a fan also tweeted her a chart update: “Oohhh SH****T!!!! #WeFoundLove is #2 in WW iTunes, while #Cheers is 8. #NoBodysFaveGoHArdLikeRihanna

She’s just returned from a gig in Rio with best friend Katy Perry, and spoke fondly of their reconciliation: “Just remembered dancing in a mosh pit w/ @katyperry to “WE FOUND LOVE” lastnight!!! Haaa…well this morning actually.”

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