Katy Perry Announces ‘Meow’ Perfume


Katy Perry‘s ‘Purr‘ is going to have a little sister!

That’s right, after asking fans to guess the name of her new fragrance, she told her millions of Twitter fans last night that it will be called ‘Meow‘, and will be available in stores in November.

She calls her new fragrance the “bestie” to ‘Purr‘ and says that ‘Meow‘ will be “very sweet & inspired by that magical place, CANDYFORNIA!”

Meow‘ will be sweeter than the original, with a much more girly scent.

Talking about ‘Meow‘, she tweeted: “I can’t wait to reveal her, she is so sweet..Sweet dreams and pink ice creams, kittens!”

10 users that had a correct answer were randomly selected as winners of the perfume, and one has received an invite to the launch in December.

“And the grand prize winner is @chadleach! Looking forward to meeting you at the #MEOW launch event in December!”

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