New York Is Wonderstruck By Taylor’s Fragrance


Taylor Swift was met by a large crowd at her ‘Wonderstruck‘ fragrance launch at Macy‘s in New York last night.

She spent the day beforehand discussing it on ‘Good Morning America‘ with host Robin Roberts.

Her initial inspiration came from her song ‘Enchanted‘, and the lyric, “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.” I’ve always loved that line and the phrase “wonderstruck.” I don’t hear it very often.”

She’s trying to keep all of her fans happy with the finished product, claiming that it can be worn by “people of all ages, but I had to talk some of my guy friends out of wearing it. So it’s debatable whether it’s, you know, for both sexes.”

“I wanted it to be a fragrance that I honestly wanted to wear every day. That’s kind of the rule of thumb: Is it good enough? … Would I want to wear it all the time and give it as presents to my friends? And that ended up happening.”

Taylor wrote on Twitter: “NYC are you ready to get #Wonderstruck? Dropping by @GMA, @Regis_and_Kelly then @Macys Herald Sq at 4:30pm to celebrate the launch!”

You can buy the perfume here, and prices start at $59.50. The fragrance will launch here in the UK next autumn.

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