Rihanna’s Racy New Album Cover


Rihanna stares seductively into the camera lens in the front cover shot for her upcoming album, ‘Talk That Talk‘.

The album cover and due date have just been released; it will go on sale on November 21st, and will be her first record since 2010‘s effort, ‘Loud‘.

She’s obviously dedicated to her craft, and is working hard to perfect it, tweeting a fan: “Yassss #TALKthatTALK RT @MickaG4L: @rihanna are you in the studio right now?”

“I’m so sleepy 😦 BUT I’m up working on the Deluxe package for y’all! #TALKthatTALK.”

Fans were able to access the cover successfully after using a Facebook app, ‘Unlocked‘, which allows fans to go on “missions” to unlock new content and information about the album.

She was seen emerging from a sex shop in Paris today clutching a risque book, ‘Omahyra & Boyd‘, lesbian porn. Oh my. That girl’s getting saucier and saucier!

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