‘Jessie J’ BIC ‘Heartbeat’ Tour Gig Review


Jessie J‘ filled ‘Bournemouth International Centre‘ to the roof last night, and surprised audience members by putting on a non-stop, extremely energetic hour and a half long show.

Her set list included: ‘Big White Room‘, ‘Who’s Laughing Now?‘, ‘Rainbow‘, ‘Stand Up‘, ‘Casualty of Love‘, ‘Nobody’s Perfect‘, ‘My Shadow‘, ‘Abracadabra‘, ‘I Need This Technology‘, ‘L.O.V.E‘, ‘Who You Are‘, ‘Mamma Knows Best‘, and ‘Domino‘.

And of no course no ‘Jessie J‘ gig would be complete without the chart-topping singles ‘Do It Like A Dude‘ and ‘Price Tag‘.

She also paid tribute to artists Bob Marley and Luther Vandross by covering ‘One Love‘ and ‘Never Too Much.’

She paraded around the stage in a flesh-coloured bodysuit with a wacky red pattern, and her trade mark black locks were given an upgrade: a wig featuring purple curls. She then proceeded to add a shark hat to her ensemble, a gift from a fan, which certainly stood out from the red velvet backdrop.

Her recently broken foot seems to have all but completely healed, as she managed to bounce around onstage without wincing once. She has definitely got great stamina, only taking a couple of short breaks for a rest in between songs.

Before she sang ‘Who You Are‘, she told the crowds “I’m Jessie-Motherf*cking-J!”.

She made several fan’s day by inviting them to join her onstage for a dance, with one condition; as long as they showed her their best shapes! She name-dropped several of the regulars along the front row, and thanked them for their continuous support.

What surprised me the most about her set was that there wasn’t a single outfit change; that’s never happened at a pop gig that I’ve been to! The only other slight alteration she made to her outfit was a spangly jacket towards the end of the show.

And as a parting gift to her fans, she asked her security guards to hand out the giant red heart balloons adorning her platform onstage.

Before she performed her encore, she warned fans that she would be unable to sign for them afterwards: “I’ve got to be in London for 1am but I promise to sign next time I’m here. Please don’t put horrible things on Twitter about it – it really upsets me.”

She’s certainly not disappointed fans though, and won 4 MOBO Awards earlier this month as a result of her growing popularity.

Overall, an excellent performance from one of the UK‘s best pop acts- a million times better than her performance as a lesser-known singer at last year’s ‘Britain’s Next Top Model Live‘. Her accomplishments this year were obvious to viewers, who could see her newly-found natural swagger and stage presence. One of the best tracks she performed was the empowering ‘My Shadow‘, where she told her fans that “if someone you love’s gone, they’re not, they’re just a shadow.” The track will be added to the platinum edition of her album, due for release later this year.

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