Romance On The Cards For Cole & Cruz


Relations between Cheryl Cole and Taio Cruz seem to be heating up.

The pair have spent a lot of time collaborating on the singer’s new album whilst in LA, having first worked together back in 2009 for a single on her first album.

Taio is beautiful, caring and so amazing. He gives me the confidence I thought I’d lost. I’m completely clumsy and dippy around him,” Cheryl has reportedly told friends.

And the feeling is clearly mutual, as Taio called her a “lovely, lovely person. I’m proud to know her and have her in my phone book. She’s a cool girl.”

It seems that the only thing putting him off is her cigarette habit, tweeting: “My personal request to hot girls! STOP SMOKING!!! Seems like every hot girl I see lately seems to come bundled with cancer sticks.”

He also tweeted a picture of Cheryl modelling one of his watches, with the caption: “The Gorgeous miss Cheryl Cole, Sporting her new black and gold RXTR “R1” Watch.”

His new ‘RXTR Watches‘ collection will launch at Selfridges next month.

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