Alexandra Burke Covers For Kelly Rowland


Alexandra Burke has been called in at the last minute by ‘X Factor‘ bosses to replace Kelly Rowland as the fourth judge on the panel for tonight’s show.

ITV‘ confirmed her replacement earlier on to ‘The Daily Mail‘: “It is true that Alexandra is replacing Kelly tonight, but we have no further information at present.”

Kelly spoke to ‘The Sun‘ yesterday about her throat infection: “I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I have the worst sore throat. I’ve been in tears all week. It got so bad that I stopped eating and drinking and got so dehydrated the doctor put me on a drip.”

Her spokesperson added: “Kelly is devastated she won’t be here for this weekend’s show. She is extremely ill with a viral throat infection and her doctors aren’t permitting her to fly. Kelly will be returning to the show as soon as she has recovered.”

Alexandra struggled to hide her delight about her appointment on her Twitter: “#XFACTOR – Let’s go!!!!!!! @kellyrowland get well soon bubs! Your girls are gonna smash it! Xx It’s all about girl power tonight! Let’s get it IN! #XFACTOR.”

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