‘The One That Got Away’ Video


Katy Perry released the video for ‘The One That Got Away‘ today on ‘Vevo‘.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, it depicts an ancient Katy, wearing old-lady style make-up and living in her mansion with her husband.

The video shows her first experience of serious love at 18, where her boyfriend (Diego Luna), gives her a heart tattoo on her arm. Katy & Luna can be seen kissing, giggling, going to parties and falling asleep together.

As their relationship ends, an angry Luna veers off the road and over a cliff when he becomes distracted by a pink hair accessory of her’s that he finds in his car whilst driving.

The video ends with Katy driving her former lover’s old car, and visiting the scene of the accident. As an old Katy looks over that cliff, the pair are reunited when she sees the ghost of her one true love.

“Today is a special day! Lots of magical things are happening!!! Who’s excited for #THEONETHATGOTAWAY music video premiere on Ellen?! I am 🙂 PRESENTING my BRAND NEW music video for #TheOneThatGotAway. THANK YOU for all the sweet messages about the video! I am so proud of it!,” Katy wrote on Twitter.

Her most thought-provoking video yet; a beautiful love story, and a definite tear-jerker!

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