‘The Saturdays’ Magnetic Nails


I passed the ‘FashionistA‘ stand in ‘Superdrug‘ the other day and caught a glimpse of a new magnetism nail lacquer range from ‘The Saturdays‘, and decided I had to have one!

As my favourite member of the group is the adorable Mollie King, I snapped up one of the last ‘Purple Me Up‘ shades. I noticed that there were quite a few of Rochelle‘s red shade, but they had completely sold out of Frankie‘s ‘Notorious Silver.’

Each varnish retails at £6, which is a pretty fair price considering that rivals such as ‘Nails Inc.‘ are selling similar for at least £13, although you do also have to purchase a £3 magnet to achieve the look.

Before starting to apply the varnish, shake the bottle well. (I think the scientific reasoning behind it is something to do with releasing the magnetic particles).

1. Apply a layer of the varnish, covering each nail completely, and leave to dry for a couple of minutes.
2. Once dry, paint a second coat, nail by nail. When the nail is totally wet, hold the small magnet just a few millimetres away from the nail. The packaging advises ou to do this for 8 seconds, but I would advise anything from 2-6, depending on the size of the nail, as I noticed that the pattern appeared very quickly.

3. Once the top layer is dry, add a clear top coat to make them last longer!

Great price, great product!

Get Mollie‘s nails here!

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