Full ‘Marry The Night’ Gaga Video


Lady Gaga‘s 14-minute long music video for current single, ‘Marry the Night‘, was released worldwide earlier today, and has been viewed almost a million times in just under 24 hours.

The video is based on what the lady herself calls one of her darkest days during her rise to fame.

Before the video was leaked, she told ‘E!‘: “It was one of the worst days of my life and it happened quite quickly, but in my mind, when I think back on that period of my life, it all happened very slow.”

Here she is referring to when she was dropped by her first record label, ‘Island Def Jam‘, before she was signed to ‘Interscope.’

The start of the video sees her being escorted down a hospital ward by two Guiseppe Zanotti and Calvin Klein-clad nurses, and Gaga narrates: “When I look back on my life it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened. It’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way.”

There is some debate brewing between fans as to why exactly she’s in hospital. It appears to be some sort of mental asylum, and the singer is greeted by a nurse who addresses her as the “morphine princess”, and orders her to be celibate for two weeks.

With tear-filled eyes, she assures her, “I’m gonna be a star. You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose.”

The remaining video footage sees her cram more cereal than I’d ever thought humanly possible into her mouth at once, answer the phone entirely naked, dye her hair from brown to blonde, wear crystal covered sunglasses, become a ballerina, attend a dance school, and break into a car through the sun roof.

Her Twitter timeline went crazy last night as she responded to online leaks: “MTN video tonight. I am so nervous and excited to share this part of my past with you. It airs on both US coasts at 8pm on ‘E!‘ Get the wine. Can’t wait for you all to watch the Marry The Night video on television! It’s roughly 13 minutes long. 2 hrs and 45 MINUTES. #NeedARuffee. An autobiographical film recounting my past, revealing my struggles and love for showbiz. You know it’s bad when Haus of Gaga is downloading ILLEGAL video torrents on their cellphones. #thanksguys. And…my video is now leaking like an old tampon. Watch MarryTheNightOnE.”

Another masterpiece from the Queen of Pop. But I definitely have a bit of a headache from trying to figure all of that out…

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