Miley Bounces Back From Stoner Scandal


She’s spent the last few weeks defending her reputation as a rebellious party girl, so it comes as no surprise that Miley Cyrus is trying to clean up her act.

Just last month she was publicly humiliated after a video of her joking about her recreational drug use was released. She’s managed to keep a low-profile since its leak, and made her first public appearance since its release last night.

She attended the ‘CNN Heroes Awards Ceremony‘ in LA with Australian boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and couldn’t stop grinning as they posed for photos together.

She shone is a lemon coloured floor-length ‘Roberto Cavalli‘ dress, which made the most of her ample cleavage, but still made her look classy with just a flash of her décolletage. The dress was made of silk, and had a pleated bust. Of course the embellishment didn’t stop there; she accessorised with diamond chandelier earrings, which were visible underneath her fish-tail plait.

“What a glorious night to be apart of. Thank you for having me on your stage @CNN Such an honor. How cute did Liam look last night?! I felt like one of those cartoons all night with big hearts flying out of my eyes!,” she tweeted a few hours ago.

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