Youngest Kardashians Secure New Jewellery Line


Kendall 16, and Kylie Jenner, 14 are following in their sister’s footsteps by collaborating with a top US jewellery brand, ‘Glamhouse‘.

The teenagers will be launching their own line of jewellery and accessories with the company next autumn, and each piece will range from $19.99-$69.99.

Big sister Kim has already worked alongside them, and ‘Glamhouse‘ is a part of her ‘Belle Noelle‘ jewellery line.

The girls dipped their toes into the fashion and beauty world just a few months ago, when the Kardashians designed a range of nail polishes for ‘OPI‘.

“For a long time I’ve looked to expand the ‘Glamhouse‘ brand portfolio with a younger, more affordable line. Millions of teenagers look to Kendall and Kylie for style advice, so they were truly a perfect fit for the company and I’m thrilled to partner with them,” said the company’s Founder & President Pascal Mouawad.

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