Blake Wants Even S’More Cupcakes


You wouldn’t think that she’s a cupcake fanatic by looking at her stick-thin figure, but it turns out that ‘Gossip Girl‘ beauty Blake Lively has a very sweet tooth.

She helped to bake a batch of ‘S’mores‘ cupcakes at the ‘Sprinkles‘ bakery in New York last week.

Whilst her attire wasn’t entirely appropriate for a heavy baking session, she shone in a gold lame skirt and white blouse.

Her special recipe will be available at ‘Sprinkles’ from January, and it will benefit the ‘OxfamSomalia famine disaster fund.

She let ‘Access Hollywood‘ film her lesson, and gushed about her favourite snacks: “I am so excited about them! Yum! It’s my new favorite cupcake. It’s so good!”

In the clip below, she lets slip that she ate an entire box of the cakes on a flight home, even though they were meant to be a ‘Thanksgiving‘ treat!

“I think baking is an incredible thing, cooking in general is an incredible thing. It’s very peaceful, it’s relaxing and it’s an artform. It’s also a science with baking, with the ingredients and whatever flavors you have is where you get artistic and creative.”

You can have a go at baking some yourself with this recipe.

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