Kelly Osbourne Takes Yet Another Trip To A&E…


The world’s most accident prone celebrity, Kelly Osbourne, has been hospitalised in Hawaii, and has her arm in a cast after fracturing it in several places.

After the initial cast having to be re-set, she was left with a replacement that tragically pushes her thumb into the ‘thumbs up’ position, which even sh agreed made her “look like such a tit.”

She was staying on the island for a family friend’s wedding with parents Sharon and Ozzy.

She somehow managed to fracture her left hand in three places when she fell out of bed last week.

Kelly tweeted yesterday: “I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep, it’s bloody excruciating! Thumbs up! My dad took me back to the hospital to get my hand re-casted he even picked the color! Feeling much better! I must be the most accident prone/stupid person in the world I fell out my bed while sleeping last night & fractured my hand in 3 places!”

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