Blair ‘Gossip Girl’ For ‘Nails Inc.’ Review


'The Blair Collection'

When I read online that ‘Nails Inc.’ had created a ‘Gossip Girl‘ collection just a few weeks ago, I just knew I had to try it.

After trying (and failing) to find it in my local Debenhams store, and it being sold-out virtually everywhere, I bought it online, at the reduced price of £16 (most other retailers are selling the sets for £20).

Left to right: 'Blair' and 'Privileged'

As the world’s biggest ‘Gossip Girl‘ fan, I simply had to go for my favourite character’s polish, ‘Blair‘ (played by Leighton Meester). The duo set features a dark-teal undertone, and an iridescent pearly white/ green top layer. The packaging itself describes the final effect as ‘special effects overglaze’, but I would prefer to describe it as a ‘speckled’ effect, similar to that of the ‘Barry M‘ cracked effects.

Base coat of teal coloured 'Blair'

You start off by applying just one thick layer of ‘Blair‘, leave it to dry for a few minutes, and then go over each nail at least two times with ‘Privileged‘. You will notice that the sparkly green flecks appear- if you only want a slightly glittery effect, apply one coat- but if you’re like me, and love glitter, do up to two or three!

The finished product: 'speckled' nails

I can’t recommend this product enough- for a discounted price, buy it here!

Also available is the amber flecked ‘Lily‘, and the midnight blue ‘Serena‘ (sold in separate sets). So if anyone wants to buy me them for Christmas, feel free!

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