Khloé Gets ‘Punk’d’ By Miley & Kelly


Khloé Kardashian was volunteered to star in the upcoming series of ‘Punk’d‘ by pals Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne.

The ‘MTV‘ show has been on hiatus since 2007, but TV executives have decided to revive it.

In the video below, Miley & Kelly decided to play a little joke on her: “Khloé thinks she’s going to have girls hangout time and order food. And when the delivery guy shows up, he’s going to ask to use my bathroom. He’s going to get his genitals zipped into the zipper of his pants. Khloé…you’re going to get ‘Punk’d‘!,” Miley tells the camera.

The trio were hanging out at Miley‘s LA home when the trick was played. The delivery guy arrives, goes to the loo, and the girls hear him screaming in agony. Khloé then proceeds to call 911 and describes the guy’s injury to the operator, who tells her to elevate his body, or else he could lose his balls!

The TV star is completely oblivious to the fact that she’s being pranked, and remains totally calm. I have absolutely no idea how Miley and Kelly managed to hold it together, and stopped themselves from cracking up laughing!

“They GOT me,” Khloé told one Twitter fan.

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