Sarah Harding’s Holiday From Hell


Sarah Harding has been through a lot over the last few months; she split up with her DJ ex Tom Crane, went to rehab for an alcohol addiction, and has had to come to terms with the fact that her career has come to a halt without the other ‘Girls Aloud‘ members.

But now she’s had to suffer the added drama of another break-up, this time from boyfriend Theo, who she’s only been dating for a few months. The split happened during their New Year skiing holiday in Austria, at the ‘Hotel Schloss Matzen‘. An argument started and a fight broke out, and Sarah was hospitalised; she returned to the UK today with a bandaged hand, puffy eyes and swollen lip last night after making a complaint to police.

Sarah was taken to hospital because she was hysterical after the row. She was crying and screaming and clearly in a lot of distress,” says a hotel resident.

She told a pap upon her return: “I’ve had a week from fucking hell!”

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