Katie Price’s Dodgy Bathroom Pose


Katie Price has a nice figure yes, but does she really have to strip off for the cameras 24/7 just to show it off?

She’s posted yet another vain snapshot on Twitter with the caption “love being single and love feeling fit, makes me feel more sexy wooooooo,” and let’s just say that she needs to put a bra on.

Being the controversial person that she is, she then posted some messages from her representatives, ‘Black Sheep Management‘: “Time to clear up a few claims made in magazines over the Christmas period. None of the claims were put to us or Kate or are from us. Kate does not wish to reunite with Pete and knows Pete does not wish to either. Contact between them is for the benefit of the children. There are not (never were) plans to spend time together as a family. There are not (never were) plans to film a new reality show together. There are and never were any plans to consider a return to ‘CAN‘. There are good reasons for these rumours being untrue which will become clear over time. We are not sure who benefits from these claims being inaccurately made.”

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