Marvin Buys Rochelle ‘Range Rover’


She only got engaged a little over a week ago, but Marvin Humes has been spoiling his little princess,’The Saturdays‘ singer Rochelle Wiseman, ever since!

The £45,000 engagement ring was just the beginning; now he’s gone and bought her a brand spanking new ‘Range Rover‘ car!

The new set of wheels is said to have set him back £50,000. He chose the classic shade of white for the car’s body, and even had it delivered with a massive red bow stuck to it.

“Someone is gonna get a surprise very soon.. Hopefully they will tweet me once they see it. A famous singer.. Let’s see. Lol,” he wrote.

Rochelle tweeted later: “Me? Yay best engagement pressie ever! You sneaky pair! I love my baby woop,” before adding: “being engaged seems more real when you catch up with your girlies, and they cry cough cough (won’t mention any names).”

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