Matt Cardle Visits Southampton


Matt Cardle visited his former hometown of Southampton today for a meeting about a brand new campaign he’s being featured in.

He will be working alongside ‘The Daily Echo‘ and ‘Sport Relief‘ to give £50,000 to local community groups. The project aims to transform lives in Hampshire, as well in the UK and across the world.

The ‘X-Factor‘ winner encouraged locals to participate in the ‘Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile‘ event, which will take place on Sunday March 25 at Guildhall Square.

In a statement about his appearance, he said: “All the money you raise by getting sponsored will make a huge difference to people living incredibly tough lives. What are you waiting for, let’s do this Southampton!”

He wrote on his Twitter this afternoon: “Had a wicked day in Southampton launching @sportrelief 2012… get involved here”

I had the shock of my life earlier when I was munching on a roll whilst waiting for my bus home, and Matt walked straight past me at the bus stop! I nearly choked. It was definitely the hat that gave him away. When I managed to smile and him, I was given a really frosty look back. It was one of those scenarios where I was saying to myself, “quick, do I stop and ask for a photo?!” It obviously wasn’t meant to be… I was hoping me might stop by my work, but it never happened!

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