Simon Cowell Quits Smoking


Simon Cowell has finally taken his family’s advice and sought help for his smoking habit. He is currently smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, and has been sent to an addiction clinic. It is going to be considerably difficult for the 52-year-old to quit, having smoked since he was 8 years old.

The People‘ reported: “Simon made it his New Year resolution. He’s been smoking since a very young age and feels the time is now right to try and stop. He has no major health issues at the moment but, as always, he is under a lot of pressure with his work schedule. Simon’s mother and some of his closest friends have been nagging him for some time about trying to stop smoking. His grandfather Robert was a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. His father suffered a heart attack. It’s made Simon think long and hard about his own health now.”

Simon‘s spokesman Max Clifford said yesterday: “Simon is a very healthy guy who looks after himself ­diet-wise very well. But he has made a New Year’s resolution to give up, or at least significantly cut back, on his smoking.”

“First day of (‘Britain’s Got Talent‘) auditions, think we found a star but won’t give it away. David Walliams is insane,” he tweeted yesterday.

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