‘CBB’ Winner Denise Welch Divorces


After being crowned the winner of ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘ just a week or so ago, you’d think that Denise Welch would be celebrating the revival of her acting career and celebrity status with her husband, but she told the ‘Loose Women‘ presenters today that her marriage to Tim Healy has ended.

“I just want to say, this is going to be really difficult for me… My family made a decision that we would talk about this today. Tim and I separated some time ago. So I’m not having an affair, we have been living our own lives for some time now. I just wanted to thank everybody. Tim and I feel a sense of relief that we don’t have to hide this anymore. We’ve actually become better friends since we’ve made the decision but we wanted to have Christmas with the family without telling anybody. We’re all just going to move forward as a family. Tim and I are still going to be co-parents, and we love each other very much.”

Her decision to come clean about the current state of her marriage is the result of a series of allegations about her having various toyboy lovers.

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