Madonna Dazzles At ‘Super Bowl’


Madonna is one of the most iconic singers of our generation, and proved her status as the queen of pop last night with a dazzling performance of her hits to date, during the half-time slot at the ‘Super Bowl‘ in the USA.

The 111 million viewers around the world saw her display an impressive performance during the football game between the ‘New York Giants‘ and the ‘New England Patriots‘.

Yes, she undoubtedly did lip-synch her way through ‘Vogue‘ and maybe parts of ‘Music‘, but after that, the vocals were well and truly live. There was just one tiny incident when she, who was mid-strut onstage, slipped up, but she quickly recovered and repeated the dance move.

Wardrobe-wise, she wore an outfit free from any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions; over-the-knee boots, a black dress by Givenchy, a cape, and a piece of Philip Treacy headgear.

She was joined onstage by ‘LMFAO‘, and even sang ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It‘ with them. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A were also there so help promote their new single, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin‘, and M.I.A swore straight into the camera. (Tut tut lady!)

When it was time for the finale, ‘Like A Prayer‘, ‘Forget You‘ singer Cee Lo Green levitated with the lady herself, and rose up from their platform, sequined robes and all! An illumination of the words “World Peace” ended the 12 minute extravaganza that was Madonna‘s show. I know Gaga‘s the new Madge and is a thousand times better, but she has certainly learnt from one of the greatest.

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