Blake’s Present From Louboutin


The luckiest girl in the world, aka ‘Gossip Girl‘ stunner Blake Lively, has had the entire ‘Christian LouboutinSpring 2012 shoe collection delivered to her for free. The French shoe designer is aware of the Blake‘s addiction to the brand’s expensive footwear, and even named a shoe after her last year, making her a muse!

At last week’s ‘Godiva 2012 Valentine’s Day‘ event in New York, (to which she wore a ‘Valentino‘ top and skirt, and ‘Pigalle‘ pumps), she told ‘People‘: “My gosh, the spring collection was sent to my house today, and they’re so beautiful. They’re amazing. I walked around my apartment wearing them. My favourites are these cage, crystal-encrusted shoes and one with a feather detail coming off of it.”

Her style muses include: “Women from times past: Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. I love the sophistication. I love every single detail. I would love if I could wear little cut-off gloves every day. That would make me so happy. I’d go to a grocery store in a beautiful hat with lace dripping over the eye.”

And bag-wise? “I do love my ‘Chanel‘ bags. They come with me everywhere. That’s the truth.”

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