‘Lauren’s Way’ Is Petrol Bombed


The Only Way Is Essex‘ cast haven’t had a lot of luck of late on the whole, and Lauren Goodger certainly hasn’t. Just 24 hours after opening her new ‘Lauren’s Way‘ boutique in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, it’s been closed temporarily by police after a petrol bombing attack.

Several thugs set alight to the salon and smashed its windows just hours after the opening ceremony, where she signed autographs on the red carpet. It caught fire last night at around 10pm, and police have been present today in an attempt to find whoever is responsible. The arson attack is said to have caused minimal damage to the salon and surrounding properties, but the flats above had to evacuated as a precaution.

In a series of tweets yesterday, she thanked fans for visiting the salon: “In my salon sorry for everyone queueing outside won’t be long guys and we can all do pictures and signings. Ahh just met the sweetest girl she cried on me second girl who has cried on me today.. Makes me want to cry! So kind of you glad I inspire you. Thanks for you’re lovely messages tonight.. In bed with Lydia and Georgia 3 in a bed won’t be able to sleep tonight..#angelslookingover.”

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