Marvin Messed Up Proposal


He may come across as smooth and suave onstage, but Marvin Humes‘ proposal to girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman was nothing close to it. In an exclusive with ‘Hello!’ magazine, he’s admitted turning into a “stuttering and stumbling wreck” during a boat ride on a New Year‘s holiday.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’d rehearsed what to say, but when the moment came to speak it all went to pieces – the only time I’ve ever messed my words up! I was stuttering and stumbling. I said to Rochelle, “I want to make you the happiest man… No, I mean I want you to make me the happiest man”. It was getting all confused.”

In order to secure a safe arrival for the heart-shaped rock, he had to smuggle it in his boxers. Um, hope you washed it afterwards love!

Speaking about the diamond, Rochelle commented: ‘I kept waking up, gazing at my ring and thinking “Yes!” After a couple of days Marvin did have to say to me, “Babe, you’ve got to stop looking at it!” Lovestruck Marvin added: “From the moment I slipped that engagement ring on Rochelle’s finger I’ve felt a tighter bond with her. I assume marriage will make that closeness even greater.”

Being the traditional sort, Marvin asked for her Mum Roz and uncle Paul‘s permission beforehand, and Paul has agreed to give her away at the summer nuptials.

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