Chris Brown Steals Fan’s ‘iPhone’


Chris Brown has had a run-in with the law yet again, but this time he’s not been abusing women. A police report was filed last weekend stating that be was involved in the robbery and theft of a mobile phone, but there has been no criminal charges pressed yet.

He is accused of angrily snatching a girl’s ‘iPhone‘ from her hand, outside a nightclub in Miami, and driving off with it. Christal Spann claimed she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of a club, and took a photograph of him getting into his ‘Bentley‘. She told police that he “flipped out when he saw her camera phone”, and Chris snapped: “Bitch, you’re not going to put that on the Internet.” According to the police report, he then rolled up his window and drove off with the ‘iPhone‘ still in his hand.

A police representative confirmed that no arrests have been made. He is still on probation for beating ex Rihanna up in 2009, and any criminal charges could result in his probation being revoked and the singer being sent to prison for up to 4 years. His representatives are yet to comment on the matter (what a surprise!)

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