Taylor Swift Dates Cancer Patient


The kindest popstar out there, Taylor Swift, has made fan Kevin McGuire‘s day by agreeing to attend the ‘ACM‘ awards with him. 18-year-old Kevin‘s family set up a Facebook page in his name, asking for Taylor to be his date to his high school prom, which garnered a lot of support online, and eventually caught the attention of the lady herself.

Taylor responded to the comment: “Kevin, I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ‘ACM‘ awards are coming up … Would you be my date? Love, Taylor.” Of course, he accepted her invitation straight away, adding: “Obviously I said yes. The ‘ACM‘ awards is a lot better than the senior prom.”

He is currently fighting his second battle with Leukemia, and is unsure whether he will have finished the necessary round of treatment at his Philadelphia hospital in time for the April 1 awards.

His appreciative family thanked Kevin‘s supporters: “Taylor got back to us! She is unable to attend Kevin‘s prom, although did one better- invited Kevin to be her date to the ‘Country Music Awards‘! Thank you so so so so so much! The McGuire family could never show how grateful we are to all of you! We have won in more than one way. We got Taylor to take Kevin on a date, and we have made so many good friends along the way!”

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