Katie’s Protégée Ditches Mentor


Katie Price‘s newest protégée, Amy Willerton, has exited her contract with the model. The ‘Signed By Katie Price‘ winner has angered her boss, and prompted a response from ‘Blacksheep Management‘: “As Amy is aware we have only been able to work with her properly since she was announced as the winner on Kate’s show (on 6th December 2011), because we were embargoed from doing so before then. We discussed with Amy when would be best to launch her to the world and it was decided that this should happen after the Christmas period. This happened on the 20th January, just 5 weeks ago. After the launch Amy decided she did not want to work with us on an exclusive basis. We have no issue with that as we are not interested in forcing client’s to work with us but this was something that all the contestants on Katie’s show were told they would need to do. Naturally with Amy refusing to agree such it undermined our ability to manage her in the way envisaged. This was Amy’s choice.”

“There have been no broken promises to Amy and it is sad that she is claiming such. The prizes for the show were: A contract with ‘Blacksheep Management‘ –Amy has chosen not to sign this, it is not something we have failed to deliver. The use of ‘Range Rover‘ car for a year – This too was delivered but Amy has been unable to get insurance. Alternatives were being considered. A luxury holiday – again, Amy could have taken this. During the time she wanted to go away we made a 5 star villa in Marbella available to her. We are sorry that Amy seems to think this is below her. Had she wanted to go on different dates other options would have been available.”

In an interview with the ‘Sunday Mirror‘, Amy claimed: “I never expected overnight fame. But I don’t believe the promises from Katie or her team were kept. I’m so angry. When I won, I thought life would change. It has… but for the worse. My life’s been turned upside down. I’ve had enough of Katie and don’t want anything more to do with her or her team.”

She claims she was encouraged to give up her place at ‘Cardiff University‘ and in the ‘Miss England‘ competition and quit her job at a clothing store, and never received a number of the show’s prizes. On her Twitter page today, she wrote: “I can confirm that I have left ‘Black Sheep‘. None of the prizes, and promises on ‘SBK‘ were delivered – I have walked away. For everyone wondering about the ‘Range Rover‘ it was taken away the day after the launch – I never drove it.”

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