Carol Vorderman Denies Surgery


She’s had a well-documented style transformation over the last few years, and a facial one too. But still Carol Vorderman refuses to admit that she’s been under the knife, or made alterations to her face, when clearly she’s hired the worst plastic surgeon in the country- she looks older now than she did before she had it done!

During a taping for Piers Morgan‘s ‘Life Stories‘ series last week, she said: “When it comes to surgery though, I won’t even get involved with it all. It has been reported that I have had so much done and if it was all true I’d look a lot better than I do now. How you look now has become ridiculously disproportionate to what you do. Critics are more harsh on female presenters. When you type, “mutton dressed as lamb” into Google, I’m the first 10 pages. I don’t mind it being written, it goes over my head. People think I’m glamorous but in fact I love going back to Bristol and having no make-up for 4 days.”

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