‘N-Dubz’ Officially Split After Feud


Tulisa Contostavlos announced the official split of ‘N-Dubz‘ on Twitter today.

In a rant online today about her former band mate, she wrote: “Dappy you know my number mate.. I don’t know yours cause you ain’t gave it to me since you changed it…so don’t gass the fans, you wanna talk I’m here. Serious man I hold it down, don’t make me start talking real cause you won’t like it nor will the fans, allow Twitter, man up and call me. For the ‘Ndubletts‘ trying to take sides…please remember.. Dappy left ‘N-Dubz‘, that’s why we split, and when he wanted to get away I tried to move him into my yard, but he left and got a new number and I ain’t heard from him since, he ain’t called or made contact, just talks to the press about me.”

“Saying he misses me but where the hells my call, I don’t even have his number! Had to text my dad to pass a message to him and got no reply. So please don’t let Dappy gass you up cause he knows what it is… I will kill for him and he knows it ..but ask him the last time he tried to call me. Don’t reply to my by tweet, pick your balls up and call me, I got a new place, come stay, but don’t be an ass on Twitter .. when you know the deal. Fuck this, cant believe I stooped so low as to have a private debate on Twitter, but I ain’t having no-one turn ‘Ndubletts‘ against me over bollocks.”

No response from Dappy yet! I really hope the 2 cousins can be friends again…

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