Winehouse’s Parents Receive Estate


Amy Winehouse‘s parents Janis and Mitch will be pleased to hear that her horrible ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil will not receive a penny of her estate. She left behind a £3 million fortune for her family after almost £2 million was taken away to pay for debts and taxes last year. As the never got around to making her own will, her parents are the best to be kept in charge of their daughter’s finances, and Mitch is the administrator of her estate.

Her long-suffering Dad Mitch has been criticised by fans for flogging one of his daughter’s old dresses on ‘Channel 4‘ show ‘Four Rooms‘, despite proceeds from the sale going to the ‘Hopes And Dreams‘ charity. He defended himself, and said: “Regarding the auction dress on ‘Four Rooms‘ on ‘Channel 4‘ tonight; Amy gave that dress to ‘Hopes and Dreams‘ charity 9 months before she passed away. It is not our dress. I was asked to help with negotiations. So we are not selling Amy‘s dress. But we will sell others to raise money for kids that need help.”

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