Paris In Feud With Aussie Reporter


She’s been called one of the world’s most over-exposed celebrities before, and a new interview with Paris Hilton proves that she doesn’t ever want to lose that celebrity status.

During a pre-recorded TV interview with Australian broadcasters ‘Channel 7‘, the heiress reportedly flipped off camera when she was asked about plans for her life after her fame ends. She managed to make it through the segment without exploding by replying hastily with an answer about plans for motherhood, but you could see the shock in her eyes at the cheek of the reporter!

Her PR team confronted the cheeky journalist straight after, and they were banned from ever interviewing the socialite again. She is currently in Sydney for the opening of new club ‘Marquee‘, where boyfriend DJ Afrojack will DJ. In the clip below, reporter Edwina Bartholomew (what a name!) suggested that she had been uninvited from the festivities following their confrontation.

But since their disagreement, Paris has decided to take the high road and make her more than welcome to attend, writing: “Hi Edwina, It was great to meet you yesterday. I just heard that someone told you I was upset with the interview and that you aren’t welcome at the event tonight. I thought the interview went well, maybe someone else was unhappy but I wasn’t. Please consider this a personal invitation from me for you to join us tonight. Hope to see you there!”

The embarrassed (and slightly arrogant) reporter replied: “For those who give 2 hoots, yes, Paris did (re)invite me tonight. No, I won’t be going. Off on a road trip to a mate’s wedding in Cooma!” Ooh, bitchy! I certainly wouldn’t turn down any invite from her.

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