Cheryl Claims She Has Fat Days


Cheryl Cole has been interviewed by ‘Marie Claire‘ magazine for their May issue about her fluctuating weight and her life post malaria.

“I’m like any other woman, my weight fluctuates. I have a pair of jeans one size bigger than the other just in case that week I’m a little bit heavier. I work out and try to make healthy choices.” She’s not a fan of fad-diets though in order to shift the pounds: “I try to avoid them like the plague. That can get you into a vicious circle. I did when I was younger. When I first got in the band I remember the first mean story I read where newspapers called us “Pork Stars” – because the show was called ‘Pop Stars: The Rivals‘. We were all fat… we were all fat! Not fat, chubby. And Louis Walsh had come out publicly and said, “They’re all fat. They all need to lose weight.” And the record label sent us all to have training.”

Like a lot of women, she seeks comfort in the form of expensive shoes. This alone led her to work with ‘Stylistpick‘ for the first time last year: “It’s definitely got worse over the years, my shoe thing. Just worse and worse and worse. I should really seek a little bit of therapy. Me doing my own shoe range is quite cathartic.”

Throughout the interview, Cheryl tries to reinforce that she leads quite a normal lifestyle: “I’m from such a normal family and background. I’m grateful for that; otherwise it could send you crazy… People have this crazy idea of my life. Life’s too short to have regrets. Mistakes are life. I don’t live like that. I don’t have that mentality. I think that things are sent to you so you learn and grow. If you regret them, you would never be the person that you are.”

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