Avril Lavigne Talks Nail Strips


Avril Lavigne has teamed up with nail brand ‘Sally Hansen‘ to create a line of nail polish strips.

She told ‘People‘ magazine: “These patterns are reflective of my style — my favourite colours and patterns. They’re rock & roll. It’s real nail polish. But I don’t have the time or patience to sit down and get my nails done. These take me 5 minutes to put on. In the car, I’m always doing it, on the plane putting them on. And you can take them off with nail polish remover. It’s easy. I remember going to Tokyo 6 years ago and the girls out there have crazy nails. I remember thinking, ‘I wonder if we’re going to get into nails hardcore the way they are in Japan right now.’ And now we are.”

When she was asked how she came up with the idea of her own line, she replied: “Basically we were having a meeting, I put them on, and they were so easy to do! I came up with my own designs and quickly, I was like, I know what I want! I want skulls, and I want stars and sparkles. With these, you get to express yourself through your nails. It kind of makes your outfit complete. The 12 patterns are reflective of me and my favorite colors, icons and images. I love skulls, duh! But there’s studs, zebra print and more. I’m a pink, red and black girl, but it’s been fun experimenting with blue and yellow.”

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