European ‘Born This Way Ball’ Dates


Lady Gaga woke up many of her little monsters this morning when she finally released the European tour dates for her ‘Born This Way Ball‘ tour, 2 months later than they were originally expected!

Back in February she released the first set of dates, and today she added a further 21 gigs to the list. The European leg will start in Bulgaria on August 21, and will end in Barcelona on October 6. Rock group ‘The Darkness‘ will be her support act for our shows.

She tweeted today: “The first 21 European dates to ‘The Born This Way Ball‘ will be announced and tweeted at 3am. I’m so excited! #Pawsup. Hmmm. I had a long day and I’m falling sleepies. Princess Xena of Xanaxland has little secrets in her inbox… I wanna be the first to show you anyway. Attention European little monsters: ‘The Born This Way Ball‘ first 21 dates are here. #ImGoingToTheBTWBall. After 1.5 months of grueling rehearsal the stage is now fully built and set up for the last three weeks of preparation. Took my breath away.”

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