Kardashians In Road Rage Incident


Kim and Khloé Kardashian were targeted by a female driver yesterday and almost driven off the road in LA. It is believed that the driver of the other vehicle, a silver ‘Mercedes‘, was acting aggressively and tried to turn in Kim & Khloé‘s lane, when Khloé, who was in the driver’s seat, cut the other car off to corner it in. Both of them leaped out of the vehicle to confront the woman, and Khloé rushed over to the car’s driver side door whilst Kim snapped away furiously with her phone to photograph the number plate.

Kim tweeted a pic of the other car’s license plate yesterday with the caption: “This driver tried to hit us and run while video taping it. She works for ‘CBS Sports‘. Wow drivers beware.” Her sister later added: “This person just video taped us trying to intentionally hit our car and we blocked them in & then ran off! She could of injured us! And when I got of the car they ran off! The paps were there so I hope they caught that on camera and this person gets caught! Wow! Kim and I are freaking out that people would do this on purpose to get this on video tape? What an asshole. Insane!”

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