Gaga Sucks On Crystal Dummies


Eccentric singer Lady Gaga has a wacky new accessory to rock; a crystal dummy! She’s dished out thousands of pounds on a set of them for her worldwide tour, and she believes that there’s one to match each mood, including ‘Fire Agate‘ for sexuality, ‘Aegirine‘ for cleansing and purification, and ‘Agates‘ to awaken higher dimensional energies.

The Sun‘ report that: “Gaga is a great believer in these crystals. She’s got them all over her pad and she has had them made into dummies so she can take them on tour. Gaga thinks sucking the crystal will install the energies in her body and mind quicker. It sounds strange but she’s adamant they work.”

Whilst she’ll have a mouthful of crystals, her head will be covered into them too, as Giorgio Armani has designed a crystal keyboard headpiece for her ‘Born This Way Ball‘ tour, which kicks off this week.

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