Jennifer Cries At Murder Trial


Back in 2008 Jennifer Hudson‘s life changed forever when she was informed that her mother, brother and nephew had been murdered in a mass murder. The ‘Oscar’-winning actress appeared in a Chicago court today to give evidence against ex-gang member William Balfour, who shot all 3 of her family members, and showed little remorse for his actions.

And today it all became too much for the singer, who broke down in court after prosecutors put her on the witness stand. After a strong start, she crumbled when the evidence became increasingly difficult, and she began crying when talking about seeing her family the Sunday before the killings.

Prosecutors say Balfour threatened her sister Julia Hudson and her family after the couple separated. Julia Hudson said her ex-husband was so prone to jealousy, he even became angry when her son. After she refused to reconcile in May 2008, Balfour said: “If you leave me, you will be the last to die. I’ll kill your family first.”

On the day of the slayings, Balfour entered the family home at 9am and shot the 3 of them with a .45-calibre handgun, and shot her brother Jason Hudson as he lay in bed. He then stole his car and shot the 7-year-old boy, Julian, in the head on the front seat of the car.

When Jennifer reached the stand in court today, she said: “My name is Jennifer Kate Hudson. I’m an actress and a singer,” and identified Balfour, adding, “he’s sitting right there.” She told the court: “None of us wanted her to marry him. None of us – myself, my mother, or my brother – we did not like how he treated her, and I didn’t like how he treated my nephew. I would tell Julia over and over again not to marry William.”

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