Stevie Wonder: Extortion & Incest


A man and woman were arrested last week for trying to extort $5 million from Stevie Wonder in a new incest plot. Alpha Lorenzo Walker claimed that he was the son of the Stevie and 1 of his sisters, and threatened to release sensitive information about the singer. ‘TMZ‘ were the first to report on the arrest, and say that the authorities became aware  of the situation when the man threatened to release the information to the media, unless they were paid a great deal of money- their final offer to Stevie was $10,000, as his first, much higher offer was rejected.

Undercover police officers met with the criminals and posed as Stevie‘s representatives, and forced them to sign a legally binding document saying that the allegations were false. As soon as the paperwork was covered in their signatures, the policemen arrested Alpha and his accomplice, girlfriend Tamara Eileen Diaz, who now both remain in custody. Allegations of Stevie being involved in an incestuous relationship are completely false and fabricated.

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