Pudsey Wins ‘Britain’s Got Talent’


For the 1st time ever, a dog act won ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ last night, which says a lot about the kind of people who vote for these shows in my opinion! The entire nation seems to have fallen in love with Pudsey and his owner Ashleigh, and Simon Cowell himself has announced plans to bring Pudsey to the US.

Speaking to ‘The Sun‘ about his favourite act’s future, he said: “That little dog is going to become the most famous dog in the world. I genuinely believe he will be warmly received by Hollywood. I can’t wait to see people’s jaws drop when I show them what he can do.”

Meanwhile proud owner, and winner of the £500,000 prize pot,  Ashleigh, told those at the ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ website that she’d consider upgrading his current collar: “He loves his bling. I’ll also be treating him to lots of expensive steak! We’ll be back soon with a whole array of dazzling dance routines so watch this space!  I’d love to make Pudsey the new Lassie.”

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