Rebecca Ferguson Breaks Leg


Former ‘X Factor‘ contestant Rebecca Ferguson had a bit of a tumble whilst out on the town last week, and broke her leg as a result. She debuted her bandaged leg on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ semi-finals Thursday night, and told Ant & Dec that she’s had to clear her calender and take off 6 weeks from work.

She defied doctors orders, and insisted that she fulfilled her commitments. The only slight difference was that she couldn’t move around (well, she’s generally moves about as much as a cardboard box onstage, so that’s to be expected).  She sang sitting down with her broken leg propped up on a stool.

She told the show’s hosts: “I had a bit of a night out and fell over. I broke my leg.” She wrote on her Twitter: “I have never broken anything its horrible… Doctors signed me off work for 6 weeks but I might have to be a little rebel can’t miss work. Can’t wait to be able to perform again this leg is starting to really annoy me now, looking forward to getting to America. I slipped on a wet floor leaving somewhere- for all those weird critics, key word wet floor- but yes I did have a killer pair of heels on!”

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