Miley Cyrus On Losing Virginity


Miley Cyrus has shown her maturity in upcoming film ‘LOL‘, in which she performs her 1st ever sex scene. The 19-year-old is on the promotional trail for the rom-com at the moment, and has been telling journalists about her heated moment with Douglas Booth.

She said: “It was the 1st scene we shot together. 1st day, and it was the sex scene. I forgot to shave my legs. I was in the trailer and I was like, ‘Give me a razor, quick’. It was really funny having someone lie with the camera and saying, ‘OK, put your leg in your hand. Can we see movement?’ He’s gorgeous. He’s like one of the coolest dudes ever. He’s really funny. We called him ‘Princess’ because he has a very posh English accent. It seems like old Shakespeare or something. We went out on a boat and he’s got his shirt tucked in perfectly. I said, ‘How do you look perfect? We’re all sweaty and gross and laying out and you come in here and look like a perfect model — which you are’.”

Miley said she prepared for the filming with the following: “Breath mints, stomach crunches, spray tan. Plus workouts to make my boobs look bigger, perk them up.” Plus she has no qualms discussing her 1st time off-screen: “I think it does change you as a person a little bit because you start thinking maybe that’s what guys want from you. It is a big part of growing up because it opens a whole new connection — and heartbreak.”

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