Tulisa’s PA Headbutted At Airport


Tulisa Contostavlos‘ long-suffering PA Gareth Varey came to her defence yesterday when the pair got involved in a bit of a barney at Glasgow airport after a passenger apparently headbutted him in the face! So far this year he’s got a tattoo of the woman- he shouldn’t have to suffer any more physical pain because of her!

It all started when another customer made a rude comment about her and that sex tape as she shopped in the duty free section, and he ended up getting a headbutt to the face as result! In the end she managed to restrain herself (good girl), and instead asked the big beefy security men to sort them out for her.

A witness of the event told ‘The Mirror‘: “There was a lot of talk about one of Tulisa’s group being headbutted. They all wanted the matter to be sorted out before take-off. She stayed back with a girl and a guy and continued arguing their case with staff. She was desperately trying to defuse the situation but the argument was getting heated. Tulisa was saying she didn’t want to see her friend get into any other arguments as a result of this one not being rectified. She didn’t want to leave the matter unresolved.” Tulisa‘s spokesperson added: “There was an argument at the airport but no further action is being taken.” Meanwhile pal Gareth wrote on his Twitter: “A Glasgow kiss. Romantic way to put it I guess….Our tour managers kiling me right now.”

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